The Gambling Gene – How to Measure the Entertainment Cost

The Gambling Gene - How to Measure the Entertainment Cost

RTE had an interesting program on the other night called The Gambling Gene. It looked at the Irish people’s liking for a bet, to establish if we all had the same fun as others, were we all influenced by the crowds that gather to place a bet?

Briefly, the report outlined that people living in Ireland are 2 to 3 times more likely to be involved in gambling than UK citizens. The study then went on to state that people living in Ireland spend more money on the activity and that there are more former gamblers in Ireland today than in any other country in Europe.

These claims are based on a study by the University ofKings College, conducted in Ireland, which conducted quite a few studies over the years and the main one, seems to stand up under analysis. In a recent independent survey carried out by the surveyors of the Euromillions lottery, it emerged that the age groups of people first getting interested in the lotto were between 35 and 55, with a slight skew towards women.

Another interesting find was that roughly 40% of the locals in Ireland are involved in the local bingo hall. When the local hall is on closed during the night, the young women aged between 20 and 24 years are the most likely to be involved in the game. Overall, of the people asked, those who get involved in the game at least once a week are more likely to be regular players.

The localised form of entertainment, the pub bingo, is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in Ireland, with around 70% of the population meeting the requirement on spending money on the pub bingo and of those who go in for it almost every week, being involved in the game at least once a week, on average they have made an average of €35 on the game.

It must be something else! The Dewalive millions lottery has another charm. First, the young people are much more likely to be regular players, perhaps due to the bonuses and other promotions that apply to the Euromillions lotto. Of those players that are first time lottery winners, around 70% are young and between the ages of 18 and 24.

So apart from the fact that the Irish love to have a bet, the Irish love to have different ways of winning the Euromillions lotto. The local bingo halls offer an outstanding range of promotions and bonuses, which in the local language translates into “bie” dollars, as the young Irish sometimes say.

Using this opportunity, the Irish indulge in a little bit of Soroptimism, or what I should say, Octomomancy, when it comes to picking their numbers. Want to know why the Irish love lottery so much? Consider this; the national probability for matching all six numbers is 1 in 13,983,816. So by matching all six numbers, the odds are better than 1 in 13,983,816. In other words, for every 13,983,816 there are still only a total of 1,816,240 as the numbers to choose.

This means that the Irish have a better chance of winning the Euromillions lotto jackpot than a British person does of winning the UK lotto.

Another reason for the Irish lottery charm is that the Irish love of playing games of chance. Whether it’s footy, soccer, or futsal, the deep-rooted Irish love of Risk has certainly remained more than suitable in recent times. This is probably one of the main reasons for such a high level of gambling in Ireland.

Another factor is that in Ireland people are as delighted as anywhere else in the world to take part in a game of chance, so it wouldn’t be all that surprising to find betting in sports betting markets in sports such as soccer, football, and rugby. However, given that the price of tickets is often as little as two euro cents, it means that an awful lot of Irish people, at any age, take part in lottery and bingo activities.

Consequently, we should perhaps ask whether bingo players in Ireland are as delighted as the British ones. While the chances of winning the Euromillions lotto jackpot in Ireland are higher than in the UK, considering the numbers are drawn from a European base, one can’t help but observe the higher propensity for winners’ prizes in Ireland.

Nevertheless, playing in Ireland for the Euro millions must be an exciting experience, providing the player finds the right gaming clubs and bingo halls.