Slot Machines – Charles Fey, Flashy and More

Slot Machines - Charles Fey, Flashy and More

Charles Fey was an American toy manufacturer, founded inBomb Alley, Chicago in 1883. The move to vigorish and flashier machines occurred after heavy losses in the mid 1800s. By the turn of the century, Fey had become the leader in their trade.

As early as the turn of the century, Charles Fey was already making slot machines, which were little more than gateways to enterprising men’s homes, the perfect places that slots were never supposed to be played. You can always find Fey slot machines outside on the Kansas Speedway, or just about anywhere that a%-rag person can happen to be. Location, location, location.

The quality of the slots that Charles Fey made became better known after the turn of the century. That is, they became known for better quality slot machines, like the Eco slot that had a smaller, more user friendly coin mechanism, and a larger, more interactive bonus feature. Some even argue that the spin on the reel comes around faster. Whatever the case may be, some of the best used slot machines ever made are the ones that Charles Fey made, for his own marketing and in the hopes that those people will flock to his stands in hopes of getting his version of a slot machine.

A “Panen138“, as Charles Fey was fond of saying, was not the type of gambler you wanted to be. He was an unscrupulous individual with a history of cheating people of their money and other forms of cheating, although he never admitted to doing so. He died broke and bankrupt, yet his ghost continues to be a presence to be looked for in many stories about the carnival games that roost the smoke and spirits of the old carnival halls.

Because of the reputation, slot machines later became known as poker machines, a subtle psycheTEACHES the idea that poker is a game of chance, a game of (unconscious) ch starvement where the player is the chump and the goal of the game, and a game where skill comes to the forefront. It’s the exact reason why you see people winning chips off a slot machine even when the slot machine does not pay out. Are the odds in their favor? You bet. What you have to understand is that the expert who has been playing the slot machines longer than the others, usually gets to walk away with the money.

Not that everyone should walk away from a slot machine and win. If you walk away having lost a few dollars, you can always come back again to get the money you lost. But if you walk away broke, you will no longer be able to win that money, which will sad-face cause you to leave the casino (whether or not you want to) in a huff and a half.

A tip to remember when playing slot machines is to always gamble within your limits. Whether you are on a budget or a luxury account, you should always set a limit on the amount that you want to spend or lose in the casino. You can never go wrong walking away with a profit. Make sure you walk away when you are up, even if you are up only a small amount. However, when you get to the half way point and your pot is down to the last dollar, you should then walk away. Too many people keep playing and eventually they end up losing their shirts. That is what happens when you are not prepared.

Check out some gambling web sites for ideas of what places to gamble at and what games to play. When you begin to place bets, go ahead and put in some money the first time, even if you have only been gambling online slot casino games. By doing this, you will have experience, which will help you to learn the nuances of the games, and to prepare yourself for the big leagues when you begin to gamble for big pots.